We are still here and still Kyneton owned and operated by Greg McIntyre and staff

Hi all,

I thought I would write this blog to answer some rumours that have come back to us.

We have not sold out our practice to any corporate entitiy, nor do we intend to. To facilitate operations and future developments, Greg has established a company to hold and operate the practice. It is fully owned by Greg, and in the future we hope that some of our staff will join in ownership of the practice.

We are working hard to improve our facilities so we can employ enough people to continue to meet the veterinary needs of the Kyneton community.. We hope to be able to announce details of our plans soon to increase our commitment to providing independently owned and operated veterinary domestic and farm animal services to our community,.in a sustainable manner.

Please be assured we are committed to Kyneton and to independent ownership for the long-term. We are not going away and we are not selling to outside entities. 



Greg McIntyre for the whole team

Dr Greg McIntyre & Associates Veterinary Practitioners