We Are Open Again from Wednesday 22 September

We have received clearance from the Public Health Unit to reopen our clinic, and we will be open again from 8:30am Wednesday 22 September. After we had an infected person in the clinic for a short time on Friday 17th, we have carried out all the requirements including staff testing and cleaning processes to be allowed to operate again.

Unfortunately we have some staff members who are required to isolate until 1 October because of their closer contact with the case. There will be some limitations on full service as we work out rostering arrangements to work around this.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by our closure on Monday and Tuesday. In particular, we apologise that due to a telephone system fault we were unable to have correct information available to those who may have phoned on Tuesday.

We are grateful for the many clients who have contacted us to wish our staff well, and we join with you in appreciation of those who have worked hard to help us get back in to operation. We wish those of our staff in isolation well and feel for their position.

We look forward to a gradual return to full service and operations in the coming days and request your patience if we are unable to carry out all routine functions immediately.

We feel confident that we will be able to service all urgent cases and emergencies from Wednesday.

Greg McIntyre & the team