Practice Update 4 May 2020

We are updating you on how things are going in the practice.

  1. We are still here and attending to all urgent and emergency cases
  2. Our after-hours service continues as usual. Please remember our on-call vet is there for genuine emergencies and enquiries, they still have to work the next day and are trying to lead the rest of their life while being there to help with emergencies. Not all practices around Kyneton are providing after hours services locally and our vets are often quite busy with emergencies.
  3. As the Coronavirus pandemic is managed and health authorities advise us, we will begin cautiously to make appointments for some of the patients on our waiting lists for adult vaccination boosters, desexing and the like. We appreciate your patience in waiting for some of these services to help us keep clients and staff safe by improving social distancing and minimising people movement in the community.
  4. The procedures necessary for the health and safety of clients and staff mean that consultations and most services are taking longer and our staff are working longer than usual hours. We do appreciate your understanding and patience as we do our best to serve you promptly and minimise delays.
  5. We are happy to provide services, where we can, for clients of other practices during this difficult time. Where possible we will seek patient histories and reports prior to consultations, if you can arrange this it will speed the process (Email histories to We are unable to provide prescription medications for clients of other practices unless a legally and professionally acceptable client and patient care relationship can be established - usually by an examination, but in some cases by consulting with the patient's primary care veterinarian. We are happy to provide our records to the primary care veterinarian where possible.
  6. If you need food, worm tablets or medications please call us on 54221310 before coming in so we can prepare for you and minimise delays and numbers of people in reception.
  7. We are working on developing our online appointment scheduling systems and virtual consultations (telemedicine or teleconsultations). At present only telemedicine is schedulable online using the appointment link. Please be patient as we get the systems in place. If any difficulty please call 54221310 to schedule face to face and virtual consultations. Please note that online consultations do have limitations in tee extent of examination that is possible and a face to face visit may still be required, particularly for new conditions and where laboratory tests or imaging are required. Virtual consultations are especially useful for followups in chronic condition and for initial advice and triage.

We are doing our best to help you and to take care of your pets and animals during this time. Please let us know how we can help you. For less urgent matters you may email au, but please be aware that responses may be delayed.  Otherwise call 54221310 so our staff can help you appropriately.