New Opening Hours from January 2021

From January 2021 our closing time will be 6pm every weeknight and 12 noon Saturdays (except Public Holidays).

Please try to call early in the day to book appointments as all appointment slots book out very quickly and late calls make it hard to provide you with the time you need.

You might be surprised to know we get a lot of calls just before closing times for very unwell patients which have been sick for a few days. This makes it very hard for us to provide the prompt service they need and we often have to see them as after-hours emergencies with attendant additional charges to cover staff overtime.

We often also get a lot of urgent calls Friday afternoon and over the weekend for patients that have been ill for some time. This can be quite frustrating for our vets who are on callback from home for genuine emergencies. It is also often difficult to provide a full range of services and support for these patients and sometimes they are so ill that they cannot be saved at that late stage.

Please help us to help your animals by calling us early in the day and early in the illness.