Fee adjustments

As discussed in our previous blog and newsletter, we are keen to continue to provide a quality emergency triage service, to be there for you and your pet either at the end of the phone or in person, if necessary, when you need us the most.

We are currently experiencing very heavy after-hours workloads, in part because of changes in general availability of practices willing or able to provide such emergency services in our area. Therefore, we need to adjust some of our fees to maintain the viability of our emergency after-hours services.

These charges are effective immediately and are in addition to normal charges. We will also be charging for some types of after-hours telephone advice.

Our staff members are very important to us and we have a responsibility to provide them with a safe and sustainable work environment to maintain physical and mental health. This ensures we can provide you with the services you need.

We appreciate your continued support and the understanding expressed as we work to provide this necessary and important animal welfare service to our community.

Greg McIntyre
Practice Principal