Christmas & New Year Services

Just  a short note to let you know we will be open all days except the official Public Holidays. On the weekends. after regular hours and on  Public Holidays we have one of our vets on call 24 hours a day for genuine emergencies or urgent advice. Christmas Eve and New Years Eve the office will clsoiung at 3:30pm to allow staff to have more family time at this improtant time opf the year. There will be some restrictions on routine (elective) surgeries during the holiday period and available appointments may be limited a little for non-urgent latters as this is a very busy period.

When the office is unattended please ring 5422 6909 and your call will be diverted to the veterinary practitioner on call. We appreciate you restricitng after hours phone calls to genuinely urgent matters. All services provided outside of regular hours are charged additional fees to cover the costs of haivng staff on call.