Changes in our organisation

We are announcing an update to our practice management structure as described below. This commences from next Wednesday 17th August 2022.

Greg continues as owner and General Manager with overall responsibility for the operations & finances of the practice.

Sally Symons moves to a new role as Practice Manager, working with Greg and accepting responsibility for a higher level of the practice day to day management functions.

Shelley Watson has accepted our offer to be our new Nurse Manager, taking on many of the roles and functions previously held by Sally. This transition will take place gradually over the next weeks.

Shelley comes to this role having worked with us since 2012. She holds a Diploma of Veterinary Nursing (General Practice), Diploma of Information Technology, as well as Certificates 4 in Veterinary Nursing, Agriculture, Information Technology and Leadership and Management.

We are very grateful to all applicants for their interest in the new position. All candidates and their applications were of a very high standard. Selection was not an easy task and was made after careful consideration and review of history in the practice, formal training, experience, and the interview process. There will be various consequential changes in rostering and assignment of future specialist responsibilities as we develop the management and service delivery structure to meet current conditions.

We congratulate Shelley on her appointment and know you will join us in supporting her in this new role.

Greg and Sally