This practice provides on farm services for horses, cattle, pigs, sheep and camelids.

To minimise costs, some owners choose to bring the patient to the clinic in a trailer or truck for treatment of suitable conditions. Generally in these cases we see the patient in the vehicle or in our backyard. Please do not bring farm animals into the clinic without talking to us first.

On property visits are charged differently from clinic visits and also incur charges for travelling costs and time. We can try to estimate costs such as the visit and travelling, but actual costs can vary significantly depending on what we find and what tests or treatments may be required.

We do not commit to providing on farm service beyond 25km from Kyneton.

We require you to provide a safe environment for our vets to work in. This may include:

  • Suitable paddocks, yards and crushes for the type of procedure to be carried out
  • A supply of clean water for treatment and for clean up afterwards
  • A halter, head-stall or bridle for horses
  • An effective assistant to hold and /or restrain the patient and to provide assistance during procedures such as delivering calves

We try to advise when we expect to be able to attend the property, but cannot provide any commitment that we can meet indicated times exactly, because of the unpredictability of emergencies and the difficulty of predicting how long any scheduled procedures may take. We will always do our best to advise if there are delays.

We ask that you advise us when booking of all examinations required - we often get "while you're heres" that take longer than the originally booked service. This can be frustrating for us and for those waiting for us after your appointment.